Modelled Historical Data

Visit also the modelled historical data website, where you can download in csv format multi-year time series of meteorological fields from 2008 to 2010, with 2-km horizontal grid spacing and 10 min time resolution.


The Wind Atlas web site makes it possible to download the data files that were obtained from the simulations on the Canadian territory. People interested in analysing those results or in resampling the data at a higher resolution for local studies (using Environment and Climate Change Canada's numerical models or not), can download data files in MID/MIF or RPN format, containing the variables computed by statistical post-processing. To do so, you have to create a username that will allow you to authenticate with the server and then download the files you want. If you are already registered, all you have to do is enter your username and password when prompted.

How it works

Downloads are implemented with a virtual cart, the contents of which are remembered while your browser window remains open. You can add or remove tiles from the cart by using the buttons in the Cart section in the navigation interface. It is also possible to fill the cart manually if you want to make a large selection of tiles quickly.

When the cart is full, you can go to the cart contents page and receive the selected data files. You will be asked your username and password if you had not authenticated already. The daily download limit is 1000MB.

Please note that cookies must be enabled in your browser or the authentication process and the cart will not work properly.

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